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T.W.O. Presents - Redemption 2003 - History
The Belt-in-the-Tree Match is a match held exclusively in the T.W.O. It has become a semi-annual tradition in the T.W.O. taking place at our Redemption PPV.

The T.W.O. has thus far held 3 Redemption PPV's. The first Redemption was held in the winter of '98 and supposed to feature Scott Thunder defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Mr. Malicious. But when Mr. Malicious didn't show, a last minute replacement was made… Stratus.
Stratus fought Thunder in what would be remembered as probably the greatest shoot-fight in T.W.O. history.

Though it was not a Belt-in-the-Tree Match, is was memorable and it ended in controversial fashion.

As Stratus locked Scott Thunder in a modified Boston Crab, the referee called for the bell. The bell rang, and the match was stopped.

The World Heavyweight Championship was handed to Stratus as former Champion Scott Thunder went nuts and unplugged the camera.

A year and a half later, Scott Thunder held the World Heavyweight Championship and he was set to defend it against his arch rival, the T.W.O. CEO Paramecium.

The match was hyped as an “End-of-an-Era” Belt-in-the-Tree Match. The rules were simple. The Championship belt would hang high in the tree and whoever could retrieve the belt would be the winner.

Another stipulation tied to this match (the “End-of-an-Era” stipulation) said that there would be no re-match.

No matter who won the belt, Paramecium & Scott Thunder would not be allowed to wrestle each other in singles competition again.
The conclusion to the first ever Belt-in-the-Tree Match was just as exciting as the conclusion to the original Redemption in 1998. Paramecium and Scott Thunder fought their way up the tree to the belt. Paramecium grabbed the belt first, or was it Thunder.

Both individuals grasped the belt in a death-grip. As they continued struggling for the belt, they lost their balance in the tree and both veterans came crashing to the ground below.
Fans watched in awe, and bets were wagered, as the World waited during those intense moments, to see who would be crowned T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion.

As both men started to stir, Paramecium stumbled to his feet and held the Championship belt high over head. The referee acknowledged the win as Scott Thunder shook the hand of the next World Champion.
Fast forward 2 years later to Redemption 2002. Paramecium had lost and regained the World Title since his victory 2 years earlier.

On this night, Paramecium would be forced to defend the World Heavyweight Championship in another Belt-in-the-Tree Match.

But the World Heavyweight Championship wasn't the only belt on the line. This Belt-in-the-Tree Match would prove even more significant than the first.
Paramecium had been feuding with the Hell's Faction for quite some time. Just a couple weeks prior, Spaz, a major member of the Faction and T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Champion left the group to form a union with the CEO.

World Heavyweight Champion Paramecium and Lightheavyweight Champion Spaz made a vow to defeat The Hell's Faction at Redemption 2002 for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships.
It was decided that all parties would put their belts on the line in a monumental Belt-in-the-Tree Match. Redemption 2002 was the T.W.O.'s first and probably only event in it's history to hold contention for the World Heavyweight Championship, Lightheavyweight Championship, and Tag Team Championship simultaneously in one match.

Draco, Sinsyde, Spaz and Paramecium fought a brutal contest which saw the use of every weapon imaginable including multiple tables. In the end, Spaz defected regaining not only the Lightheavyweight Championship but the Tag Team Championships as well, bringing them back under control of the Hell's Faction.
But what would happen to the World Title? Again, fans stood on their feet to see the climactic finish to an intense main event. As all three members of the Hell's Faction beat away on the CEO, it looked like Paramecium's time as World Heavyweight Champion had come to an end.

Just then, who else would enter the fray but Scott Thunder. Paramecium and Scott Thunder had not seen eye-to-eye in many years, but everyone knew Thunder was no friend the Faction. What would Thunder do 2 years after losing the Championship to Paramecium in the very same match?
Thankfully, Scott Thunder aided Paramecium in fighting off his attackers, making it possible for Paramecium to climb the tree and regain the belt once again. Afterward, Paramecium and Scott Thunder formed a partnership, eventually destroying the Hell's Faction once and for all.

Redemption 2003 is upon us. It is a little more than a year since Scott Thunder helped Paramecium regain the gold in the T.W.O.'s Belt-in-the-Tree Match and a little more than three years since the Belt-in-the-Tree Match saw Paramecium defeated Scott Thunder.
This time around, Paramecium and Scott Thunder are the defending T.W.O. Tag Team Champions and they will put their Championships on the line against The Trash Wrassla's, Jim Bob and Billy Bob in the T.W.O.'s 3rd and final Belt-in-the-Tree Match.

The Belt-in-the-Tree Match has grown to become a fixture in the T.W.O. and this time around will be no different.
What will happen when Paramecium and Scott Thunder step in the ring, with no referee, against the redneck Trash Wrassla's. Can these two continue the partnership they forged at Redemption 2002? Or will we see yet another chapter unfold in the history of this off-again-on-again tag team?