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T.W.O. Presents - Redemption 2003 - Pictures
Our next match saw a determined Arachnid enter the ring against his own brother, HaRdCoRe Champion, Allen Vector. Fans knew this match would be brutal. Above, Allen Vector breaks a sheet of wood over his brother's face, and Arachnid slams the HaRdCoRe Champion onto a makeshift table.

Allen Vector performs a standing suplex as he hoists his brother Arachnid into the air and proceeds to drop him backwards, with his lower back landing awkwardly on the ladder and his head smashing into the ground. The most brutal suplex we've ever seen.

Arachnid leaps over the fence, landing right on his brother's chest.

Vector performs the firemen's carry, slamming his brother through a table.

Allen Vector then returns the favor from earlier in the night, jumping off a chair onto his brother, landing right on Arachnid's face and chest.

Men and Women alike, cheered as the shirtless Allen Vector not only defeated his brother Arachnid and retained the HaRdCoRe Championship, but the beating Arachnid received was so brutal that he required medical attention following the match.

Early reports are indicating that Arachnid will be forced to take several months off in order to recover from the numerous injuries he sustained in the match. To see just how brutal this encounter was, watch the highlights in our music video clip.