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T.W.O. Presents - Redemption 2003 - Pictures
Our 4-way Dance featured several memorable maneuvers including two simultaneously failed powerbomb attempts by The Druid and Zygoplath which quickly turned into two simultaneous frankensteiners by Missy Maniac and 'Cunning' Chris.

Chris & Missy also leapt across their fallen adversaries and performed 2 splashes.

The fun was over for Missy as Zygoplath powerbombed her through a table.

The Druid jumped off a chair at Missy, but she moved and the Druid crashed through the table instead. Missy was later pinned and eliminated by Zygoplath.

The Druid and Zygoplath worked together to set up yet another makeshift table but Chris saw what they had in mind and decided to leap off a chair at the dark one.
The Druid moved and actually launched the Lightheavyweight Champion behind him toward the table. Zygoplath, who was standing behind The Druid, caught the Champion right in the face and both men went crashing through the table.
Chris recovered, pinning a dazed Zygoplath.

It was down to Chris and The Druid as an unconscious Champion was laid out on yet another makeshift table. The challenger attempted to launch himself at a second helpless victim and history repeated itself as that victim again moved out of the way.
The final challenger crashed through the table (again) allowing Chris to make the pin and gain the victory.

After pinning 2 men of a higher weight division (Zygoplath & The Druid), in probably his biggest challenge to date, 'Cunning' Chris not only retained the Lightheavyweight Championship, but proved he can play with the big kidz.